What collectors are saying…

“I believe art should be bold, move people, and inspire thought and conversation. Donn’s unique view of the world from above does just that.”

Tracie and Steve Angarella, Santa Monica

“We remodeled our law firm about 5 years ago. We wanted an entirely new look. We decided on numerous black and white aerial photographs by Donn Delson of famous landmarks in Los Angeles to showcase our beautiful City of Angels to our clients who come into our office from all over the world. We selected Donn’s photographs of Disney Concert Hall, Dodger Stadium, Downtown Los Angeles skyline, Century City Towers - and the Hollywood Sunset Strip with the iconic Capitol Records building. 

Everyone who comes into our office immediately notices these wonderful and well-known Los Angeles landmarks, but they see them from a different perspective - an aerial view from a helicopter. Recently, we completed the remodel of our home and added two of Donn’s works, Space Invader and Solo Flight to our collection.

I believe art should be bold, move people, and inspire thought and conversation. Donn’s unique view of the world from above does just that. There are many times I have walked through our reception area and found total strangers talking with each other about Donn’s pieces and their own personal memories concerning the images contained in his photographs taken from above the world.”

“Donn Delson's brilliant aerial photography pieces have received a very warm reception at ADINA Gallery.”

Adina Chirogianis, Austin Dealer in Art, Adina Gallery

“Collectors are instantly drawn to these large-scale works, which offer unique, often playful perspectives of natural landscapes and objects located around the world. These are true conversation pieces that provide an immersive experience to the viewer and have become welcome additions to a wide range of collections.”

“He is clearly passionate about every stunning piece he creates.”

Adrienne Faulkner, CEO Faulkner Design Group, Dallas, Texas

“I was first introduced to Donn Delson’s work through a long-term client and friend, Brian Lavin. He has several pieces in his offices in Louisville. I love photography and design and Donn’s work is a beautiful expression of the two. We then met via phone and became fast friends! Donn has taught me to see the design in all kinds of places from reflections on glass buildings to mother nature’s handiwork. 

The fact that he has no fear of heights and can hang out of helicopters to get shots few of us get to see is totally mind-boggling. His past entrepreneurial experience coupled with his extraordinary life and travels make him the perfect partner for so many of our projects around the country. He does his due diligence in knowing what can and could be done for a variety of our clients, their needs, and budgets.” 

“His images were quite unique and compelling”


“I felt that his pieces would fit well in one of my company's newly built commercial buildings, so I purchased two of them, that day in Santa Fe. Since then, we have added several more in other new spaces and each piece really makes a distinct statement. The exceptional lighting and color in each composition, combined with the sleek, frameless mounting, make his images an ideal fit for the modern designs and decor of our buildings. I have since purchased a few of his pieces for my personal homes, as well.”

“Donn’s art is unique and one of a kind.”


“I am a collector of fine art. I have chosen many pieces from Donn’s collection for my different personal properties throughout many years. Donn has a unique way of looking at the world from an aerial perspective that invites the viewer to take a moment to reflect on the image. When looking at the images, it makes you escape for a moment and see how beautiful the world is from above. I can’t believe that he risks his life for the perfect image. He’s on a helicopter with no doors.”

“I feel so fortunate to have discovered the magic of Donn Delson’s art.”


“I purchased Fiammata, and not only do I get compliments from guests about its ethereal beauty, but most importantly, it brings me joy every time I look at it in my living room.”

“I wanted to walk right into the photograph, to sit in the meadow between the rows of trees.”

Betty Graham, Coldwell Banker realty,
Los angeles

Recently he flew over the islands of Hawaii, hanging from the helicopter door capturing scenes most of us will never see, or were we to, would we be able to separate the ordinary into the astonishing moments that Donn’s brain, his editing eye, grabs and brings home to us as breathtaking imagery.

Torn between the emotional choices of what to choose, I selected the one I could not live without, and I hoped my husband felt the same as I purchased it for his birthday gift.

“Standing Tall” is what Donn named the varied shades of green trees, as the Big Island’s light fell onto and in between the lean tall trees of this inviting forest. With surprising lavender-toned trunks in the front row, then green-leaved blanketed layers behind, the image pulled me in. I wanted to walk right into the photograph, to sit in the meadow between the rows of trees.

Yesterday my happy spouse supervised the installation in an honored location in our home. Together we Stand Taller because we are finally the proud owners of a Donn Delson photograph.

It is remarkable how art can enrich our lives and bring us joy and inspiration.”

“For a number of years My husband and I have admired the work of artistic photographer Donn Delson.

Admired, and longed to own.

Donn Delson’s work truly captures the beauty of nature and the world from a unique perspective. First, the tricks he plays with his helicopter views of a row of trucks, or boats, or bikes. Then I was astonished with the images he brought home from his trip to Israel. His perspective, his eye, what he sees from the skies, turning views and colors into artforms.