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Renowned photographer, Donn Delson captures the world from "doors off" helicopters at heights up to 12,000 feet. His artistic eye and creative interpretation offer mystically playful other-worldly views, never before seen, and not soon forgotten.

Large-scale fine art photography from an elevated perspective 

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Personal discovery may then be the real essence of photography, and art for that matter. I invite you to share with me in that journey.

Donn Delson is a visual savant. An ability to communicate conceptually, literately, and visually informs his photographic work, creating conversation that percolates through all three modalities.

Donn Delson

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“Perspective with all its intangibles, subtextual statements, and conversations currently draws my focus. Images that convey tranquility, symmetry, and balance, utilizing negative space have the most appeal to me. Collectors often tell me that viewing my photography affords them an almost meditative experience, as the large scale of the works helps immerse them in the visual experience.” 

Delson's fine art photography elicits thought- provoking conversations, and can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide. Invest in artwork that elevates your home and commercial spaces.

Limited edition prints for discerning collectors


View the world from an entirely new perspective

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“Donn’s art is unique and one of a kind.”

“I am a collector of fine art. I have chosen many pieces from Donn’s collection for my different personal properties throughout many years. Donn has a unique way of looking at the world from an aerial perspective that invites the viewer to take a moment to reflect on the image. When looking at the images, it makes you escape for a moment and see how beautiful the world is from above. I can’t believe that he risks his life for the perfect image. He’s on a helicopter with no doors.”

Guy Grimberg, Owner/CEO of GME Development

“Donn is truly an amazing artist.”

“I believe art should be bold, move people, inspire thought and conversation.
Donn’s unique view of the world from above does just that. There are many times
I have walked through our reception area and found total strangers talking with
each other about Donn’s pieces and their own personal memories concerning the
images contained in his photographs taken from above the world.”

Tracie and Steve Angarella, Santa Monica

“His images were quite unique and compelling”

“I felt that his pieces would fit well in one of my company's newly built commercial buildings, so I purchased two of them, that day in Santa Fe.  Since then, we have added several more in other new spaces and each piece really makes a distinct statement. The exceptional lighting and color in each composition, combined with the sleek, frameless mounting, make his images an ideal fit for the modern designs and decor of our buildings. I have since purchased a few of his pieces for my personal homes, as well.”

Brian Lavin, President and CEO of NTS Development Company
Louisville, Kentucky

“I feel so fortunate to have discovered the magic of Donn Delson’s art.”

“I purchased Fiammata, and not only do I get compliments from guests about its ethereal beauty, but most importantly, it brings me joy every time I look at it in my living room.”

Jessica Hochman, M.D., Los Angeles

“Donn Delson's brilliant aerial photography pieces have received a very warm reception at ADINA Gallery.”

“Collectors are instantly drawn to these large-scale works, which offer unique, often playful perspectives of natural landscapes and objects located around the world. These are true conversation pieces that provide an immersive experience to the viewer and have become welcome additions to a wide range of collections.”


“He is clearly passionate about every stunning piece he creates!”

The fact that he has no fear of heights and can hang out of helicopters to get shots few of us get to see is totally mind-boggling. His past entrepreneurial experience coupled with his extraordinary life and travels make him the perfect partner for so many of our projects around the country. He does his due diligence in knowing what can and could be done for a variety of our clients, their needs, and budgets.” 


“I wanted to walk right into the photograph, to sit in the meadow between the rows of trees.”

"Donn Delson’s work truly captures the beauty of nature and the world from a unique perspective. First, the tricks he plays with his helicopter views of a row of trucks, or boats, or bikes. Then I was astonished with the images he brought home from his trip to Israel. His perspective, his eye, what he sees from the skies, turning views and colors into artforms."


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From above, the world is mostly greens, browns, and blues. When Donn Delson flies, it’s a gift when serendipitously he spots areas of color, symmetry, patterns, and contrast. Often, these images evoke in the viewer feelings of curiosity, peace, and awe, presenting the opportunity to pause and reflect, remembering the world can be full of wonderful surprises.

Making the decision to click the shutter is a conscious choice.

The process

View the world from an entirely new perspective

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the amount of time it takes from purchase to receiving my piece?

The image is normally printed on archival quality fine art paper, such as FujiFlex Crystal, and mounted under TruLife acrylic, an anti-reflective, scratch resistant, UV protected, museum quality acrylic. The acrylic is backed with an additional layer of Dibond or black acrylic and a French cleat mounting system for rigidity and easy hanging. The process takes three-to-four weeks, plus shipping time.

What are the shipping charges?

Shipping charges simply reflect the cost of transport to the collector. Larger pieces will require crating to protect them in transit.

Could you give us recommendations for images that might meet our decorating needs?

If you are able to email a photograph using a phone shot of the wall space being considered for the art, we will integrate the image(s) for you to easily see how the art will look in your own environment.

What custom sizes are available, if any?

Edition sizes are standardized for ease of ordering. However, custom sizes are available to create the perfect decorative sizing for your space.